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      You drive home feeling less than desirable.  You really thought the two of you had some kind of genuine connection, but apparently it is a very one sided opintion,  You decide to skip breakfast.  Whats the point anyway.  Obviously his opinion of you is luke warm at best.  You climb into bed, shut off the alarm clock and put your phone on "Do not disturb" so as to not be bothered by any unwelcome calls or text before you are damned good and ready to climb out of bed.  You shake your head at how ridiculous your fascination was with him,  You really need to take off the rose colored glasses when it comes to men.   You decide your day would be better spent doing something else.  Although you aren't entirely sure what that would be.  


     You wake to the usual cawing of the black demons outside.   You imagine how nice it must be to wake to the sound of songbirds.  I bet Shawn wakes to the sound of songbirds in his perfect little house at the end of his perfect little lane.   A bit early for bitterness isn't it, you ask yourself.  Its a lovely day out and the sun is shining.  You slide out of bed and pull your robe around you.  You walk to the window and stare out to the empty street.  Must be about 9am.  You pick up your phone turn the "do not disturb" function off and go to messages.  


"Eggingtons cafe  7:30"


"Im here, are you coming"


"Guess not"


"a phone call would have been nice"  



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