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    The drive is uneventful enough.  You don't mind commuting when the traffic is moving along quickly and it's a beautiful day.  However, on those days that the cars are backed up bumper to bumper or the snow and ice treacherously blanket the road....well on those days you find it pretty easy to understand how people lose their damn minds and go road rage crazy on the turnpike.  You are thankful today is not one of those days.  


You pull into the parking lot and snag as close a spot as you can.  Door dings are not a concern.  You notice the clock and see that for once, you are actually early.  Across the parking lot stands a little coffee stand that makes the best lattes in a 10 mile radius.  You never have time to go so you are usually forced to smell the alluring aroma as the other desk jockeys around you sip their concoctions.  You know you'll end up being late....again......if you go, but a nice cup of joe does sound appealing.  You might have been able to convince yourself to go straight in and get to work until you spot the incredibly good looking guy from accounting making his way across the parking lot...his khakis crisply pressed and highlighting his amazing ass.  



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