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"I got the job!"  He exclaims, clearly excited by the prospect.  


"That's awesome!"  you exclaim, finally with genuine enthusiasm. "Congratulations!"


"Yup, so this is our celebratory breakfast!"


The two of you chatter on about his new responsibilities as some computer analyst programming something.  He seems very excited, and despite your previous misgivings about him, you are genuinely happy for him.  You finish your breakfast and he walks you to your car.


"Thank you again for all your help"  he whispers as he pulls you into a friendly embrace.  


"Of course!"  you answer, looking down and blushing. "Hopefully we can get together this week some time and finish up the trim work"


You pause and look up at him, still hoping for a flicker of interest.  


"Oh, didn't I mention....the job is in Dallas.  I'm leaving tonight."


The statement crashes across your face like a bitch slap from your pimp.



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