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You speed down the road and pull onto Destiny Way,  Ristain's street.   You are surprised to find several emergency vehicles blocking the road.  You pull over and walk the remaining block and a half to his house.  You weave through the maze of red and chrome and past the flashing lights.  You wonder to yourself which of his elderly neighbors has befallen an unfortunate demise. Pushin up daisies you remark to yourself.   You shake your head at your own callousness and round the front of a large firetruck parked cockeyed across the road.  As you cross to the other side you see a large group of people, mostly elderly, circling a house, stopped only by the yellow caution tape strung across the lawn.  You stop dead in your tracks and a lump rises up in your throat.....It's Ristain's house.  You run toward the door, only to be stopped by a blue uniform clad police officer.  


"Hold on Ma'am.  I'm afraid you can't go in there."  He holds your shoulder. 


"What happened?  Where is Ristain?  Is he ok?"  your words string together in a barely decipherable jumble.


"Are you a reletive?"  The officer asks 


"No Im a.....a.....a friend."  The words almost sting as they come off your tongue.  


"Sorry Ma'am.  You'll have to stay on this side of the tape." 



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