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"Oh sweetheart, have those aweful nurses left you soiled again.  You poor baby.  I'll make sure to get someone in here to change you."


Confusion jumbles your mind as you work to comprehend the aweful statement.  


You peer into to your mother's face as she bends down and kisses your forehead.  She looks so old.  Her hair is gray where it once was brown and deep lines crease her face.  You fight to understand what happened to her. 


"Im going to have someone come cut your hair today darling"  She says lovingly, brushing a tendril of hair from your brow.  "No honey you can not have a candy,  it will rot your teeth."   


She steps away from the bed and you hear her shuffling through a plastic bag. 


"Look pumpkin, I brought Mr. Pickles"  A tattered green and yellow polka dotted bear appears in front of you.  It only takes a second for you to recognize your childhood bear. "Mr Pickles is here to have a tea party with you like you asked."  


A tea party?  What the hell is she talking about!  You desperately try to stop your mothers ramblings but you are unable to do anything.


"Your Daddy would sure enjoy coming to the tea party if he was still here"


What?  Where is Dad....what happened to Dad!





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