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Your mother returns occassionally, you imagine that it is probably about once a week but your drug induced haze makes it impossible to tell for sure.  In the beginning, you welcome her visits, even though she seems to be lost in a time when you were about 5 years old.  As the weeks and months and maybe even years drag onward you find her visits to be agonizing.  A constant reminder of your incapacity.  You beg her every time she comes to let you go.  You stare pleadingly into her eyes, hoping and praying that she will somehow read your thoughts.  You have no idea how long you have been in this state but you are certain that as long as your mother is on this earth she will ensure that you remain in this prison, entombed in your own body.  It's not her fault, her mind is obviously gone, and without your dad here to look at the situation with reason and compassion, you will inevitably be locked in this vault of flesh for as long as she breaths.   In spite of your undying love for her, you pray for her death to end your own suffering. 



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