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     You take a deep breath and type a text in.  


"Sorry, slept in"


     You slump down on the couch.  Holding the phone in your hand, hoping to feel that familiar buzz.  You feel pretty rotten for standing him up.  It's not like he knows that you heard him call you a "cold fish"  and he really is a nice guy.  What give you the right to be so high and mightly,  Its not like you made any moves on him either.  Some things are just not meant to be I guess.   




You hit the message icon, eager to see his reply.  


"NP, you missed a good breakfast tho.  I'll be at the house for a while this morning if you wanna stop by"


Not quite the profession of love and missed opportunity that you were hoping for but atleast he wasn't a complete ass about you standing him up. 


"Yeah I'll let you know"  you respond politely. 



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