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     The pile of blankets and pillows leap and dance around him, landing in a puffy disorganized pile.  He rolls onto his back and clasps his hands behind his head.  He looks amazing lying there.  His masculine chest heaves up and down with each breath.  You want nothing more than to rip off all your clothes and leap on top of him, but you don't.  Instead you restrain yourself, not sure if it is out of fear, excitement or shyness.  You change the direction of your stare.  Trying to avert your eyes from the tantalizing spectacle laid out before you.  Your hands fidget with one another nervously.


"I always take a nap after eating a big breakfast like that."  He pauses for a moment.  "You are more than welcome to join me."  He invites as he seductively pats the spot next to him. 


     It only takes a moment for yo to make the decision to join him, knowing full well what that rsvp will mean.  You shuffle over to the bed, slightly unsure of yourself.  Why does this guy make you feel like a teenager on her first date?  Before you can make a decision on what to do next he pulls you down on the bed next to him.  Your head falls gently onto the pillow, next to his,  You land laying on your side looking away from him with his strong arms wrapped around him.  He pulls you close to him  You can feel the ripples of his firm chest pressing into your back.  A shiver of anticipation raises goosebumps all over your body.  His warmth is intoxicating.  Your body melts into him while simultaniously tensing up in eager anticipation of what he will do next.  You wait patiently for him to make the next move....and you wait....and you wait.  Finally you hear a sound utter from his lips.  You silence your breath so as to not miss a syllable.   Its takes you a moment to take in the situation.   He is snoring.  Not a loud grotesque snore...more of a loud breathing sound.  For a second you feel overwhelmingly rejected but just as quickly you savor the sweet feeling of laying in bed with his bed.  You pull the comforter a little higher and snuggle into his embrace.  You too, drift off to sleep, hopefully without the snoring.  


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