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You slink down in your car seat and crack the driver's side window so you can hear the vehicle pulling up to the apartments.  Maybe you're just being paranoid but the fact that there is a police car following your trail is a bit too coincidental after the scene at the police department.  You hear the car, continuing it's slow approach.  The tires crack and grumble on the loose gravel in the lot.  Finally the car rolls to a stop and you hear the engine turn off.  You quickly turn your car off so as to not alert any wicked ears.  You hear the car door click open and heavy boots distubing the gravel.  The door slams shut and for a moment there is nothing, no boot steps, no engine.  After a couple of minutes you hear the heavy boot steps again, sinking into the loose peagravel.  You wait until you hear the steps hit the metal of the staircase.  You hear the metal frame creaking and groaning as the steps make their way up and then they stop.  Confident that the mystery visitor is out of range you slowly pull the door release and step cautiously out of the vehicle.  You raise up onto your toes and slowly make your way to the corner of the building shielding you from view of the scene.  You take each step carefully and methodically, ensuring the utmost silence as your footsteps push the loose stones into the pavement.  You reach the edge of the brick building and peer around the corner.  The cop car is parked at an angle with the trunk open and pointing towards the staircase.   You gulp down a hard tormenting lump in your throat, afraid of what you might see next.  You wait there, hunkered down in the alley watching without breathing.  After about 10 minutes you see the cop step back out onto the tall metal staircase.  He is on the same floor as Jen's apartment.  He is carrying a small bag.  It appears to be a trash bag, pinched together and tied about half way up.  He walks swiftly down the stairs.  You duck behind the building and make your way slowly back to your car door.  You slip into the seat and close the door without latching it so as to not make any loud noises. You hear the trunk slam and then the car door.  The police cruiser fires up again and you listen to the tires grumbling through the gravel as it pulls away.  

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