You jump in the shower for a quick rinse off and throw on some clothes and head over to Shawn's house.  You aren't quite sure what your intentions are, only that you feel that there is some unfinished business between you.  You pull down his street and marvel again at the abundance of beautiful trees and for a moment imagine how nice it would be to wake up to those songbirds every morning.   You park out front of the house and slam the door behind you.   The birds are all chirping a melodious tune as you make your way up to the porch.  You knock on the door, full of hope and possibility once again.  It takes a minute for him to answer the door but when he does, you notice he is impeccably dressed for it being so early.  You feel a bit under dressed to be honest.  


"Oh, hey, come on in" he invites. "You didn't text me so I wasn't sure you were coming.  Sorry about the mess." as he motions to the living room.


There are boxes everywhere and it appears that his is putting his belongings in them.  


"What are you doing?"  you ask, a bit taken aback by the nature of the mess. 


"I got the job!'  he booms,  


"What job?"  you ask, confused,


"The one I interviewed for last night.  I told you I had an appointment for an interview."  He states with a bit of condescencion.