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"No, you told me you had plans, that was it"  you blurt out, sounding a bit like a spoiled teenager. 


"Oh, sorry.  Well it was a job interview for a position in Dallas...and I got it!!" He says, beaming with pride.


Your heart sinks and passes your stomach on it's way into your throat.  


"Oh"  is about all you can manage to get out. 


"Yeah I leave for the airport in like an hour.  I couldn't sleep last night so I started packing.  I'll have to come back and finish it."


"An leave in an hour?"  you stumble. 


"Yeah, they wanted me to start immediately.  Great news huh!"  a huge smile crosses his face.  He is obviously very excited about it. 


"Yeah" you shrug your shoulders. "Great news."



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