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     You suddenly become painfully aware that this may be your last opportunity to let him know how you feel.  I mean, love is definately a stretch, but you do think there is something there between the two of you.  You throw your arms around his neck and pull him to you, planting a hard kiss on his lips and passionately exploring his mouth with your tongue.  His lips purse and he pushes you away from him vehemently. 


"What the fuck"  He exclaims in a tone between offended and pissed off. 


"I just...I thought.....we...."  you stammer desperately, trying to come up with something to say.


"we spent the entire day together and NOTHING!"  Now you pull this bullshit!" His eyes are blazing


"I just thought we had a connection and I....." you are cut off again


"You just thought huh?  You just thought.  Well that would have been valuable fucking information before I accepted a job and signed a contract last night.  You need to leave."  He walks away and opens the door, inviting you to step through it for the last time.  You swallow your pride and your stomach and walk out.  The door slams behind you, rattling the windchimes hanging mockingly on the porch.  

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