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     You pull into the park.  and turn off the car.  Still dazed from the bewildering turn of events.  You decide to take a walk around the prark to clear your head.  You step into the cool grass, still wet from the evening dew and walk over to a bench next to the play equipment  There are several little kids playing tag on the monkey bars and another couple of little girls swooping back and forth on the swing set. Giggles fill the air along with the sound of the leaves rustling in the trees and the fresh scent of wet earth.  You plant yourself on the bench and drink in the warm day.  You try to clear your head of the ugliness that just unfolded, focussing on the joyous children playing about.  


"Is one yours?"  a voice comes from your left.  


You turn to find a very attractive looking man leaning against a tree with his arms crossed in front of him.  His chiseled features seem to be even more exaggerated in the sharp early afternoon light.  


"Um, no.....I just needed some fresh air."


"Well this is a good place to do it" the mysterious man states, looking dreamily up into the sky, squinting his eyes into the tree filtered sun.  


You can't help but admire him.  He is strikingly handsome, although a bit older than you,  His salt and pepper hair gleams in the sun.   Despite the flecks of silver, he has a thick lusterous head of hair.  The lines around his eyes are more pronounced as he stares into the warmth of the sun.   He reminds you of Wyatt Earp or some other famous outlaw or lawkeeper from days of old.  A shiver runs through your body, and there certainly isn't a chill in the air.   



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