You wake to a cool blue light overhead.  A faint beeping breaks the silence of the room.  You blink your eyes, adjusting to the bright light.  You are in a hospital room.  You rub your eyes, clearing the fog covering your retinas.  To your right a curtain is hanging and your IV bottle slowing drips into a tube leading to your arm.  You slowly rock your head to the other side, muscles aching with the reminants of the poison in your veins.   You find detective Stone passed out in a chair next to your bed.  A large white bandage on his left shoulder and his arm in a blue sling.  You open your mouth and try to speak but the tube down your throat obstructs much more than a quiet rasp.  You hear a click as the door opens and a nurse clad in blue scrubs enters the room.  


"Oh good, your awake."  She smiles warmly and comes over to check your vitals.  "We can probably get this thing out now"  she quietly tells you, motioning to the breathing tube.   You nod your head.  She pulls the horrid plastic from your throat causing you to gag and choke as your reflexes fight the sensation.  The nurse hits the button and raises the back of your bed to more of a sitting position.  


"You had a pretty close call there young lady."  The nurse whipsers, patting you on the leg.  


"Is....he......ok?"  you choke out in a broken raspy voice motioning to the chair.


"Oh, he's fine.  He took a bullet to the shoulder but it went clean through."  She smiles at you again, reassuringly.


"What about....?"   You try to ask another question but your throat spasms in another cough.  


"They'll be plenty of time for questions honey, you just rest now."  She squeezes your leg and smiles again with kind eyes.  She grabs her clip board and leaves the room, the door clicking shut behind her.