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"I'm not cold"  you inform him in quite a businesslike tone. 


"You're not now but I don't want you catching a chill while we paint".  With that he tosses you a long sleeved white men's button down shirt with pale plue pinstripes.  "You can't wear what you have on!  It's about to get messy in here."  He grins a wicked smile in your direction.  


"Alright"  you respond and start to pull the oversized shirt over top of your blouse. 


"No, no, no"  he teases, "INSTEAD of what you have on."


"Oh really?!"  you exclaim in a startled yet excited voice.  


"I'm just kidding"  he prods. "Wear whatever you are comfortable in"  He again throws that soft glance your way, paired with a sexy half smile and one raised eyebrow, reminiscent of a young Elvis.


You are torn.  Do you follow his example of patience and restraint or do you leap forward with spontanaity and make the first move.   


He turns away begins to open the paint can and stirs it with the long wooden paddle.  You stand there looking dumb for a moment, clasping the pinstriped shirt in your hands.  

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