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His gaze leaves the sky and meets yours.  You feel your cheeks flush with color as he catches you admiring him.  A kind smile crosses his face, bringing out more of those surprisingly sexy creases.  He moves his focus to the playground, sensing your uncomfortable blush.  The two of you sit there a few moments more, enjoying the warm sun.  You look at him again as he pulls away from the tree and drops is crossed arms to his side.  


'It's been a pleasure ma'am.  I hope the fresh air has helped whatever ailed ya."  Theres that sexy cowboy tone again.  He smiles a warm smile at you and tips an imaginary hat.  You wonder for a moment if you made a comment about him looking like a cowboy because he certainly seems to be living up to the fantasy.  


He begins to walk away but pauses for a moment about 10 feet away,  You quickly turn your gaze back to the playground, not wanting him to catch you staring longingly at his firm ass.  For an older guy he is pretty ripped.  


"You know...."  he says, turning to look at you over his shoulder.  "Im going to grab a coffee.   Would you like to join me?"


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