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You smile politely and decline his offer.  He again tips his imaginary hat to you and continues on his way.  You sigh deeply, collect your thoughts and head back to your apartment.   The afternoon drags on while you root yourself in front of the television.  The ID channel is your personal wicked indulgement.  You pour yourself a glass of wine and sit down to a rousing story about some demented middle aged man that stalked and killed some naive co-ed in her dorm room.  You tell yourself you only watch because you are fascinated by how they get caught.  The evening drones on until finally a text message breaks the silence.  Its from your friend Jen.  


"K.  2nd chance"  I had to ditch my date last night because you never answered my call but we are going out tonight instead.  You ARE going!"


"Details?"  you text back


Your details are limited to a picture of a smoking hot sandy haired god of a man.  


"He's a doctor..."  Jen adds.





You decide its time to focus on your future including your career.
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