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After what seems like days, you finally stand, hunched over the sink and stare into the mirror.  A pale grey image peers back at you.  You examine your disheveled hair and wipe away the disgusting crust clinging to the corner of your mouth,  Time doesn't seem to improve your condition as the morning drags on.  You manage to eat a piece of toast and drink some water but you don't risk any more than that.  A cool shower helps a little bit, atleast easing the nausea long enough to allow you to leave the bathroom to get dressed for work.  


     You wander into work about 20 minutes late and it's obvious to everyone you pass that you are far from peachy.  You end up leaving early and going home to sleep.  The sudden illness continues for several days, seriously impeading your ability to effectively do your job.  Finally,  Mr. Mc Allister suggests that you go see a doctor.  You make an appointment for the next day. 


     You wake up feeling a bit more refreshed but the sensation is short-lived.  Within a half an hour you are nauseous again.  You take a shower and get yourself minimally put together and head to the doctor's office.  You push your way through the large glass doors and walk across the cold tile floors.  Your heels click loudly on the hard tile floor, seeming to announce your arrival to everyone.  You are thankful that the waiting room is empty, save one elderly woman that looks like she may have been sitting there for weeks.  You check in at the receptionist desk and make your way to the waiting room, choosing a chair next to a table full of magazines.  You peruse the pile of reading material and finally choose one of the most recent entertainment issues featuring all the "best and worst dressed" and the latest hollywood gossip.  This is one of the only times you ever indulge yourself in such smut.  You are silently thankful for the fact that the doctor's office is the one place that you never run into someone you know.  Just then another elderly gentleman comes in the tall glass doors.  He and the elderly lady both light up and greet one another like they haven't seen one another in years.  You recant your previous thought, realizing that once you are older this may well be your social scene.  

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