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"Well I am certainly glad that you have taken it upon yourself to police the entire office." he states in a sarcastic measure, obviously lost on the bohemeth.  "By all means, please let me know who this villain is that feels they are entitled to take advantage of my generous nature."   You find it almost impossible to keep from saying something, but you remain silent, waiting for the right moment to pounce. 


Angela puffs out her chest and pulls up her chin in a lofty way, preparing to vehemently toss you under the bus.  "Thank you sir, I'm sure that it will not surprise you to know that the perpetraitor was....."


Before she can finish her thought, you swivel your chair around and face her.  Angela stops cold.  The color drains from her face and sweat begins to form on her gigantic forehead.  The moisture causes her heavy glasses to begin sliding down her nose.  Her shock is evident as she begins to stammer.


"I.......she.......but......I thought........Mr. McAllister!"  


"Ms. Andrews"  Mr. McAllister begins, putting his pen down on the desk , "I suggest that you concentrate on your own work rather than the behaviors of every other individual in this entire complex.  I don't enjoy someone wasting my time with irrelevant office gossip. Further more, you are behind enough in your own duties that you should be more concerned about your own good standing than the standing of others."  He straightens his glasses and looks down on the desk at his files in a dismissive way.  Your ears perk up again at this revelation.  You've always been under the impression that Angela was Mr. McAllister's golden child.......a really tall awkward golden child.  You are shocked to hear that he is nearly as annoyed by her as you are.  You opinion of him climbs another rung.  

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