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Angela stands frozen,  fumbling with her hands and shifting her weight from foot to foot.  Her eyes dart from Mr McAllister to you, and then back again.  He looks up over his glasses condescendingly and says in a very matter-of-fact way, "You may go now Ms.  Andrews......and please close the door behind you."  He looks back down at his work. 


"Y-y-y-yes sir"  she stutters.  He gargantuan frame slumps at the shoulders and she turn and slinks through the door like an oversized puppy with his tail between his legs.


"Oh, and Ms. Andrews"  Mr McAllister calls out just as she is about to shut the door.


"Yes sir?" she replies


"Could you please bring us some coffee" he asks without even looking up from his work.  


"Yes sir" she answers, throwing a distasteful glance your way she turns and pulls the door closed behind her with a click.  


"That woman drives me crazy"  He states quietly to himself, shaking his head in disgust. 


Your opinion once again gains traction and advances another rung up the ladder.  

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