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Your eyes fill with tears as you stare down at the beautiful heartfelt gift glimmering at the end of the chain.  You raise your head to look at Shawn just in time to see him drop to one knee with an open box, exposing a spectacular diamond ring.  


You glance around the room and find your mother and Mary both weeping and your father, barely holding back the tears.  You look back at Shawn, his eyes glistening with emotion.  


In an uncharacteristically shaky and unsure voice he begins to speak.  "I love you more than anything in this world, more than I ever thought possible,  I want to spend every moment with you for the rest of my days.  Will you do me the honor of making me the happiest man on earth.  Will you Marry me?"


You immediatey drop down to your knees and wrap your arms around this amazing man.  Tears stream down both your faces as you kneel there embracing one another, oblivious of anyone else in the room.  


A voice rings out from the onlookers "Is that a yes?"


You laugh out loud, loosening your grip and gazing into Shawn's eyes.  "Yes" you say quietly, directly to his soul, and then another louder "YES!"  for the rest of the room.  Shawn removes the beautiful ring from the little velvet box and slides it on your finger,  It's a perfect fit.  He stands up and pulls you to his side.  He wraps one arm around you and wipes the tears from his cheeks with the sleeve of the other arm.  Friends and family crowd around you, offering congratulations.  Shawn introduces you to everyone, beginning with a reintroduction to his mother.   He refers to you as his fiance with every introduction.  It sounds good, it sounds right.  It's going to be a good life.  

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