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"I'd like to introduce you to the newest member of our management team, Ms.........


You interrupt him permaturely.


"We know each other" you chime in a melodious tune shrouded in sarcasm and venom.


"Perfect!" booms Mr McAllister. "Ms, Andrews I want you to make sure that this young lady is taken care of with anything that she may need....Understand?"


It was certainly fortuitous that she had set that tray down before that confirmation because she most certainly would have dropped the entire thing at that moment.  All the color drains from her face and mask of defeat washes over her hard features.  You suddenly become aware of her overwhelming resemblance to Lurch from the Adams Family.  You choke a little on your coffee and sputter into a napkin, trying not to laugh out loud. 


"Yes sir" She replies hoarsely and leaves the office, the door pulling quietly shut behind


      You and Mr. McAllister spend the next half hour negotiating the terms of your promotion.  The compensation package exceeds all your expectations.   You are overwhelmed by the magnitude of the new position.  Mr. McAllister buzzes his secretary and informs her to notify Mr. Tayne to meet him in his office as soon as he is done for the day.  You grin at the idea of panic seizing him, wondering what possible reason the boss would need to speak with him...unless everything went horribly wrong.  You revel in the fact that you know before him that he is about to get the promotion he's been waiting for.  You can't wait to share his joy with him.  Although, you want to have a little fun with him first.  

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