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You make the decision to focus on your career.  You really don't need all this drama that seems to be such an inexorable part of your life as of late.  Several calls rattle your phone, but you ignore them.  You have made your choice and nothing will waver your resolve.  You make a point of arriving early to work on Monday.  Your decision is rooted firmly in the desire to improve your standing in your what you tell yourself.  In reality, you are desperately hoping you don't run in to that cheating bastard.  You make your way to Mr McAllister's office promptly at 4:00 pm and confidently announce that you would be thrilled to accept the management position in the accounting department.  The two of you discuss salary and bonus structure.  The package turns out to exceed any of your expectations.  The discussion continues, addressing the potential conflict with Ristain.  He agrees to transfer him in a lateral move to another floor so there will not be any conflicts of interest or other human resource nightmares.  The two of you shake hands in agreement and part ways.  That evening your mind spins with the opportunity set before you  There is certainly still a part of you that aches with the pain of betrayal but you focus on your career path and try desperately to erase the memories of the past weeks.  Your phone continues to buzz and ring until you finally turn off the ringer and put it in the other room to avoid the distraction and temptation.  You spend the evening distracting yourself with mindless television and a good half a bottle of wine.  


     The next morning you jump out of bed and quickly prepare for work.  You go in about an hour early to begin shuffling your desk contents up to your new office.  You pile all your belongings into a large cardboard box and carry them triumphantly through the maze of desk jockeys.  You are pleased to find that they have provided you with a beautiful corner office.  Certainly no executive suite but a far cry from your sad little stuffy cubicle that has been your home for as long as you can recall.  You sit down in your cushy office chair and spin around like an elementary student playing teacher.  Satisfaction and contentment flood your body as you sink further into the soft leather.   You are sure you made the right choice.  

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