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" problem" you stammer, feeling as though someone just popped your big red balloon.  


"Unless.....?"  He trails off in a questioning tone as he raises his eyes to meet yours "Unless you want to come over and help me paint. "


He reaches over and takes your hand, looking at you with pleading eyes that are reminiscent of a puppy waiting for a biscuit.


"What do you say?  Wanna come over and play?" he begs


The playfullness of his statement is nearly lost on you given that you mind has already moved from the present to the prospect of spending the weekend lost in the throws of passion on his empty livingroom floor.  You giggle to yourself and blush.  You simply nod your head, unsure of what colorfully explicit response will escape your lips if you actually open your mouth.  


What is it about this guy.  He turns you into a giddy teenager with a glance and a sexual dynamo with so much as a touch.  You hope to God you are having the same effect on him.  



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