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"I think I'm going to lay low tonight Jen"  You respond mid stretch. 


     She continues to bed and plead with you.  It wouldn't be the first time that Jen called you, begging you to be her wingman so she can go out with some hunk while you play nursemaid to the unfortunate 3rd wheel.  Seeing that her begging is having no impact she begins to incorporate her skills of guilting you into it, calling on the numerous times that she has been there for are pretty sure you can count them on 1 hand.  


    You hold firm in your resolve, reassuring her that if you change your mind you will give her a call.  Jen throws a few more friendly jabs your way, mostly concerning your inability to do anything spontanious and the fact that you are a dirty whore.  She finally gives up and hangs up the phone.  You sit back in your chair.  Shaking your head to yourself.  She is persistant, I'll give her that.  You think for a moment about her comment regarding your spontinaity.  Jen does lead a pretty exciting life.  She's always meeting someone new and going somewhere exciting.  Maybe you do need to take more chances in life.  Maybe, just maybe you will find what you are secretly looking for if you do.  You wonder to yourself if sitting at home alone, waiting for Mr. Right is really the best way for you to utilize your weekend.  You take one more look at your phone, making sure you didn't miss any texts, and sigh.  You lean back into the cushions and close your eyes, you slowly drift off to sleep, 





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