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    Just as your frustration seems to boil over, your phone buzzes madly, vibrating its way over the edge and plummeting to the ground.  

You scramble to the floor on your knees and grab the phone.   You hit the message button and on your screen.  It takes a minute to load, but the wait was well worth it when a picture of a stunning male pops up on the screen.  He is holding a drink in one hand and curling his finger provocatively in an invitation for you to come join them.  He has touseled sandy blond hair that reminds you of a carefree surfer.  His eyes are a bright blue color, also reminiscent of the sea.  The caption on the photo reads "Come out and play!  I really want to meet you!.....marguarita glass.....peach.....banana"    your are fairly certain the emoticons are an addition by Jen.  You can't help but be tempted.  How often does a guy that looks like that come along, and then there's the fact that he's a pediatrician.  We are talking serious boyfriend material here.  You're already all dolled up so what the heck!  You debate with yourself over whether to join them. 


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