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      Your makeup is still mostly intact due to your laziness the night before.  You clean up the edges and throw on a fresh coat of lipstick. You quickly tie up your hair in a quick ponytail, pulling down a few strands for a little extra sex appeal.   You head out the door and down the stairs to the front stoop.  


     The clouds stuck around most of the night.  there was a bit of a breeze but still a beautiful day.  the horrible black menace is still perched high above the street in his usual spot.  You secretly hope that one day you'll come out to find him hanging upside down on the power line, scortched in mid-squawk by a wayward transformer.  For a brief moment though, you are thankful to him for the shitty delivery he bestowed upon you yesterday. It may very well have resulted in one of the best days of your life, IF today goes the way you are hoping it will.   Perhaps you will allow him to live another day....  You stare down the street, waiting patiently for your gallant knight on his chrome steed.  You watch a little leaf tumble clumsily back and forth, dancing in the wind.  Periodically it sweeps into the sky and parachutes back to earth.  You watch dreamily, wondering what fate has in store for that delicate little leaf.  


     In the distance you hear the rumble of a motorcycle and you are certain it is Ristain.  The rumble grows louder as the bike heads down the long stretch of road to your home.  Your heart begins to pound in your chest.  The rapid beat grows faster and faster as the bike nears, anticipating the moment that he turns the corner about a block away.  When you catch a glint of chrome in the sunlight as he rounds the corner,  and you would swear that the beating skips a thump.  You step to the curb as he rolls up in front of you.  Without a word, he hands you the helmet and the two of you ride off together with him pinched between your thighs as tightly as you can squeeze.  



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