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you shoot a text to Jen and she lets you know where to meet up with them.  You head ino the bathoom and take a final look, straightening up yor slightly flattened hair and reapplying your hottest shade of red lipstick.  You throw on a little thicker eye makeup than usual for the club scene and head into the bedroom to pick out something to wear, having delayed the wardrobe selection until you knew what adventure awaited.  A pang of disappointment and anger rises up inside again.  You are suddenly very glad to be going out.  Who needs that bastard.  Shuffling through the closet you chose a tight pair of dark denim jeans that make your ass look amazing and a tight black v neck top that paired with your exquisite Vicky's Secret push up make your breasts positively scrumptious.  You strap on your sexiest black strappy heels and take one final look in the mirror.  Throwing yourself a pouty look,  you head out the door.  


     The club is definately the place to be tonight.  There is a line of people waiting to get in, which of course in never an issue when you are partying with Jen because she knows everyone  It's a bit crazier than places you would frequent but you are feeling primed to cut loose tonight and get a little crazy.  You step out the of the car and head towards the mass of linear positioned partygoers.  you can hear the muted bass already, pounding through the brick walls.  Just before reaching the crowd, you spot Jen out of the corner of your eye, waving like some crazed groupie.  You stride over to her, reveling in several of the 20 somethings admiring your perfectly pushed-up bosoms.  Jen whispers something into the bouncer's ear and with a blush, he unlatches the rope and lets you in, much to the dismay and frustration of the throngs of other ravers in line.  


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