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"Ris, it was fun while it lasted but I'm focussing on something here that is offering me a future.  Just let it go, ok?'


You are quite pleased with the icy articulate quality you managed to express, despite the pain hiding immediatey behind it.  


Ristain stands there, frozen in the doorway, staring blankly back at you.  You see a glimmer of moisture filing his lower lids.  You can almost see his heart breaking right there in front of you.  You swallow down any pangs of regret and look back down at your desk, working again on your imaginary, very important report.  It serves him right.  I hope it does hurt.  I hope it hurts atleast as bad as he hurt me.  A pain grips your heart as he turns and walks away.  Your heart cries out for you to call out to him and throw your arms around him in forgiveness but your brain tells you that you have walked that path before and that it is time to think about your future now.  You just aren't willing to put yourself out there again to be hurt.   The cheating; the manipulation;  it's just not an avenue that you want to follow again.  You were fortunate enough for fate to have thrown a huge red flag in your path when you called him that day.  What kind of idiot would you be to open your heart to that kind of pain again.  


     A couple of months go by and your career is taking off.  Increasing responsibilities rocket your professional path into another orbit.  Every day the possibility of an executive promotion creeps ever closer.  You are certain that within 6 months you will be breaching the glass ceiling.  You have been pushing yourself excessively, perhaps as a distraction from the pain and lonliness in your personal life, but there is joy in a job well done.  You are starting to understand the meaning behind the phrase "married to your career".   Finallly all your hard work pays off and you are offered a spectacular new job that plants you squarely on a path to a new life. 

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