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 The two of you finish up your breakfast and waddle your overly stuffed bodies outside, bidding a farewell to Mary, who manages to catch Ristain with another firm belt to the back of the skull.  You climb back onto the motorcycle and the two of you speed off down the road.   The two of you decide to run by your house on the way home so you can grab your car.  You aren't entirely sure how the day will go and you certainly don't want to leave yourself stranded.  He drops you at your front stoop and you jump in your car and follow shortly behind him, careful not to lose him in traffic.  His house isn't too far from your own, but in a much nicer area.  You turn down a quiet tree lined street.  You glance up at the street sign, Destiny Way.  Well isn't that fitting, you think to yourself.  You watch the motorcycle turn up one of the driveways towards the end of the street and you pull up next to the curb in front of it.  There is a majestic oak tree in the front yard.  It must be atleast 100 years old.  Looking at the house you decide it may have been planted during construction.  It is a small house that is seriously in need of some love.  The once yellow paint is faded and peeling and the white trim has taken on more of the color of the wood beneath it than the shade it was intended to be.  The porch is barely functional, leaning off to one side and pulling away from the house.  Several planks are missing in action.  The yard is the one redeeming quality.  It is absolutely immaculate.  The lawn is perfectly manicured and banked with yards and yards of flower boxes, exploding in color.  Ristain leads the way up the walkway, fishing his keys out of his loose jean pocket.  You can't help but admire him as he makes his way up to the house.  He turns around and you quickly lift your gaze, so as to not be caught staring at his firm butt.  


 "I know it's not much to look at now, but it's going to be fantastic when Im done with it." He calls over his shoulder with the enthusiasm of a school boy who just got his first bike.  


You nod politely. 


You cautiously climb the stairs, wondering what critters are residing in the dark recesses beneath the porch. You are sure you hear scampering and see something furry scurry by below one of the missing boards.  

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