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He peers over at you over the top of his glasses.  "Your punctuality is less than stellar."


The sound of the air escaping your chest is almost audible, like the flubbering sound a balloon makes when you let it go.  Mr. McAllister notices your diminishing confidence and shoots you a reassuring smile.  


"Punctuality isn't everything, but it is important that you set an example.  Behaviors we can tweak as long as the intelligence and drive is there."  He states encouragingly " We have had a situation come up in the office.  If you haven't gotten wind of it already, you will soon. Anyway, it has created a management opportunity in the accounting department.  There are several candidates already vying for the position but I was hoping that you would be interested in throwing your hat in the ring." 


A breeze would have blown you right out of the pristine leather chair and sent you airborn, settling as a little pile of dust against the baseboard.  You take a moment, trying to remember to breath, and grasp hold of the moment.  You digest everything he just said as he watches you, unmoved over the immaculately polished desk.  You take another deep breath, trying not to look competely caught off guard but you are sure that its pointless.  You open your mouth to respond, but nothing comes out but a small broken sound from the back of your throat. 


"You don't have to answer now" He interjects, seeming like he's trying to save you from yourself. "I want you to think about it tonight.  We will meet tomorrow afternoon and you can give me your decision then.  4:00?"


You exhale the breath you had prepared below your vocal chords and nod your head in agreement, glad that he rescued you from any reckless reactions.  He extends his arm in a handshake and you grab hold, firmly shaking his hand and thanking him. 


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