Your mind suddenly snaps back to the reality of your own situation as so eloquently pointed out by the raging mistress.  Ristain works in accounting department.  Office politics discourage inter-office dating at all but a relationship with someone that is a superior is a strict no-no, as pointed out by the dramatic scene that just played out.  It's not like this is your dream job or anything, I mean they aren't sending you to some tropical island to study the effects of excessive coconut consumption or anything.   However, the pay will be a substantial increase from where you are now and you will have a considerable amount of clout in all things business oriented.  You think back to how many years you have invested in the current position.  You didn't take the job with any intentions of getting promoted, in fact, you figured you'd be doing something far more exciting by now, but it would be silly not to capitalize on all the work you've put in up until now.  Options race through your mind like a tiny car race......with the sensible one taking the lead and then being quickly overtaken by a racier more exciting one.  You could just fess up to Mr. McAllister and tell im about your relationship, but honestly, is it that serious that you would risk a promotion or even your job over it?  On the other hand you could just not mention it and carry on as you have.  You quickly dismiss the latter, knowing full well you wouldn't be able to keep your hands off the man if you were working next to him all day.  


     The rest of the day seems to progress like someone hit the fast forward button.  There doesn't seem to be enough time in the day for you decide what to do.....with the job or with Ristain.  You try to focus on work but your mind is completely engrossed in thoughts about your future.....your future being what you are going to do between 5:00 tonight and 4:00 tomorrow afternoon.  13 hours of uncertainty to deal with.  Finally quitting time rolls around and you wander out to your car in a bit of a fog.  You speed out of the parking lot, certain that you are not ready to broach any subjects with Ris just yet.  You head home.