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     You sit down in front of the televison and flip it on.  It's tuned to Headline News but really it doesn't matter.  You've turned it on, strictly as a distraction.  Somehow a program that repeats the same information every 15-20 minutes is comforting when you are in a mindless stupor.....keeps you feeling up to date and not like you're missing any important pieces of information.  You float in and out of concious thought, allowing your brain to follow various lines of possible outcomes, some incredibly exciting and others mundanely dissatisfying.  


   You are soon forced back into reality by the buzz of your phone.  You stare cautiously at the phone buzzing away next to you, unsure if you are ready to face the dilema you imagine to be on the other end.  


"Hello"  you answer in a distant voice.


"Hey you" chimes the deep sexy voice on the other end of the line.  "What are you up to?"


"Oh...just sitting here"  you mumble.  


"I was wondering if you have any plans later this week?" He asks, oblivious to your less than enthusiastic rapport.


"I don't know.  I have alot going on this week", you let out an audibly exasperated sigh. 


"Oh ok...well I'm pretty slammed this week too but Friday night I'm free, can you make it?" His voice is so energetic and full of excitement that you can't help but let the flame deep in your chest reignite.  You recall his touch and that spark begins to burn. 


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