For a moment you tell yourself that you must have somehow dialed the wrong number or that you phone somehow malfunctioned.  Until you hear Ristain's voice in the background.


"Em!  I told you not to answer my phone!" He echos from some distance.


"There's no one there" the sultery voice replies, obviously holding the phone away from her lips. 


"Just hang it up, hon.  Come on back in here, I need you."


Your heart sinks.  You quickly hang up the call and sit there in  paralyzing silence.  The color drains from your face as you replay the short but explosive conversation in your head.  Your mind bends down over you heart, bleeding and dying in the street, comforting it as it takes it's last breath.  You feel the tears well up in your eyes.  You curl up like a fetus, nestled inbetween the couch cushions and bury your head into a throw pillow, weeping uncontrollably.  You don't even know why you are so upset.  You had already accepted that this whole thing could be an innocent fling, but for some reason, that voice......that voice absolutly destroyed you. You cry for a ridiculous amount of time, finally breathing in a ragged breath and regaining your composure.  You wonder if you owe him anything at all at this point.  Should you atleast let him know you are going to take the job so he can make other arrangements (because you've already decided you'll fire his cheating ass if he stays).  Or do you just let him twist in the wind and let the punches fall where they may.