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"This weekend was amazing", Ristain blurts out, looking a bit sheepish after saying so.


"Yeah it was"  you reply dreamily.  The two of you embrace and share a long kiss.   You walk up the stairs, your legs weak from riding and your knees weak with emotion.  You glance back over your shoulder, reassuring yourself that he's enjoying the view as you walk away.  He nods to you, a warm smile on his face, pulls on the helmet on rides away down the street.  The sun drops behind the horizon just as his bike disappears around the corner.  You feel for a moment like you are watching the final credits in some cheesy B movie. You let out a long sigh, hugging yourself tightly, and head inside.  


    Monday morning doesn't see such an interruption today.  You feel well rested and happy as a clam, like you've just returned from some tropical vacation without the long plane ride.  You find yourself waking up before the alarm even would have chimed, which is fortuitous since it's blinking 12:00.......1200.......12:00.  Normally this would send you into a state of panic, but today you feel on top of the world.  Nothing could bring you down.  You walk calmly over to your phone and check the time.  A crooked smile crosses your lips....plenty of time.  You carry on with the morning rituals and float out into the livingroom, grabbing your pile of perfectly completed reports off the desk.   You dance out the door, light on your feet as a helium balloon.  You even flash a smile to the crow on the telephone pole that is relentlessly squawking at the halo of smaller birds tormenting him.  You are certain you see a glimmer of disappointment in his glassy eyes at your perky demeanor.  He squawks louder and puffs out his chest, trying desperately to get a rise out of you but it's not happening today.  You shrug your shoulders and look forward and a huge smile crosses your face for no reason at all.  It's going to be a good day.  

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