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You turn to find Mr. McAllister standing behind you.  You immediately feel like a dumbass for not closing the door behind you.  You wonder to yourself how long he has been standing there and what he heard.  You wouldn't describe him as a large man but certainly imposing in demeanor.  Fairly tall with a stout build.  His graying hair is brushed to one side.  By no means a comb-over but definately a style adopted by man self-concious of his thinning hair.  His face is drawn taut with deep lines from years of stress.  His most striking feature is certainly his intensely blue eyes, an intensity that paired with any emotion is capable of peircing even the more resilient of armor.  He is usually very stoic, but standing there looking at him, you can feel a noticeably softer aura radiating from him.  


"I hope I didn't startle you?"  he states in friendly and somewhat accusatory tone. 


"Oh, no, I was just.....I'm fine, thank you."  you stammer.


"Well, lets get down to business then."  He walks around his desk and seats himself, the sun framing him in a bit of a haze.  You see him focus on the picture frame, pulled slightly askew in your direction.  You swallow hard, knowing it's going to be pretty hard to not look like you were snooping.  


"She's beautiful isn't she?"  He asks in a moony voice.


You are so taken back by the emotionally loaded comment that you nearly fall off your chair. 




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