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All the grunting and moaning doesn't do much for you, but a few of the physiques definately beg to be noticed.  You walk into the locker room and choose a locker to stash your bag in and head out the gym.  You weave your way through the multitude of machines.  You aren't even sure what most of them do.  You imagine some of them to be some elaborate sex swing.  Some of them appear to be erotic in nature even when someone is using them.  You giggle a little to yourself as you blush.  Fortunately in this sea of red faces, it'll never be noticed.  You choose an eliptical below a row of televisions and step on.  A familiar sensation sweeps through you as you begin turning the eliptical apparatus.  You stare up at the soundless tv screen, suddenly realizing you forgot your goddamned headphones. Come to think of are pretty sure you have never remembered your headphones.  You put your phone on the panel in front of you and pull up a game to keep you entertained but find out quickly that your breathless gyration makes it nearly impossible to do much of anything.  You make it to about the 20 minute mark before you are dripping in sweat and wheezing like a asthmatic.  You step off the machine and wipe down with your towel.  You wipe down the machine and make your way to the locker room to shower off.  You strip down and cool off in the sporatic stream of the shower.  You pull on your swimsuit, which proves to be quite the task when your not entirely dried off.  Happy with your short but effective work out you make your way to the hot tub for some well deserved r&r.  You step down into the hot tub, wincing a bit as the hot water prickles your legs.  You carefully sit in the hot bubbly water and take a deep breath as you tilt your head back and close your eyes.  You breath in the familiar chlorinated air and spread your arms out on the side of the tub.  Its quite remarkable how relaxing soaking in your own filth and the filth of a hundred others can be.  You feel your body melt into the water as the tiny bubbles race up your back, tickling your skin.  You sink further into the water and let the murmur of the jets pull you into a state of complete relaxation.  After sitting there for who knows how long, you roll your head back and forth and slowly open your eyes.  The blurry images in front of you slowly come into focus.  


"She lives!"  cries a voice from across the hot tub. 

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