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The two of you continue to banter back and forth.  You find him making his way closer and closer to you as other gym goers come and go.  He does it in a very natural way, moving over for others, until he is virtually on top of you.  The steam rises between you and Ethan. You find yourself being drawn to this man, even though all you've seen of him is his cherryesque head and strong hand.  You find, much to your delight, that he is a firefighter.  You can't help but allow a couple of dirty fantasies to swim into your brain as soon as the words leave his lips.  There just isn't a job much sexier than that.  You find yourself picturing him on a calendar page.  Of course you are only plugging his head onto your body of choice.  He's not your ususal type and yet you feel an immediate connection with him.  Of course, can you really trust emotions when you are half naked in bubbly water with a fireman?  He is funny, charismatic and has an amazing smile.  You begin to look past the wet sweaty tomatoish appearance and see that he is a very attractive man, especially when he smiles. Finally, after what seems hours, you begin to feel light headed and decide it's probably time to climb out of the water.  You suddenly feel very self concious of your body.  It's been so easy carrying on this conversation with someone that could only see your head.  You look at your towel, draped over the chair, and wonder how long its going to take you to get there so you can wrap it around you.  

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