You sit down a little deeper in the water, determined to stay put until he gets out first.  You would much rather be checking him out than the other way around.  Its bad enough you are in a bathing suit but you've been in here so long you probably look like a 90 year old swamp monster.  You tell yourself that if you had a tan it would be different.  The two of you keep chatting, although your attention is on the increasingly nauseaous feeling in the pit of your stomach and the fuzzies that keep floating across your vision as you become more and more overheated.  For the last 10-15 minutes you're not even sure what the conversation has been about.  Finally you watch as he stands and makes his way out of the tub.  You are astonished to see his incredible physique.  Even in your dazed state you have no problem admiring his chiseled back and rock hard shoulders.  You are pleased to see that as he turns around his front is equally as impressive as his back.  His wet trunks are clinging to him and highlighting an impressive package beneath the light material.  You take in a quick broken breath as a shock of sexual attraction bolts through you.  


"Hey I know this is a little awkward, but I'm new to the area and don't really know anyone.  Would it be ok if I called you?"  Ethan asks in a shy voice that seemed to contradict his confident appearance.  


"Yeah, definately."  You respond a little quicker than your good senses should have allowed.  


"Great, what's your number?  I have a great memory".  He winks at you. 


You rattle off your number and he looks upward as if making a mental note of what you just told him.