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You take a deep breath and stand up, putting your body on view to the world...well atleast the world of the gym.  You climb the stairs and glance over your shoulder at Ethan.  Sure enough, he is checking you out.  Once again you blush secretively in your flushed state.  You take a few steps to the chair that your towel is draped over, being careful to negotiate the slippery wet puddles decorating the tile floor. You dry off quickly as Ethan climbs out of the hot water.  You are pleasantly surprised by a chiseled physique that you had already written off as an unrealistic fantasy.  His back ripples with muscles as he walks up the stairs.  He turns to face you and you nearly take a step back, stricken by a chest that looks like it was photoshopped onto his body.  You wrap the towel self-conciously around you, tucking in the end at your chest, as if you just climbed out of the shower.  As you are looking down at your precarious tuck job, you can't help but notice that his trunks are clinging closely to his body, highlighting an impressive package beneath the thin wet material.  You swallow a hard lump of sexual arrousal down and take a breath, prying your gaze from his impressive manhood and bringing it back to his eyes.  


"So I know this is a little awkward"  he says sheepishly, "but I'm new to town and don't know anyone.  Would you mind if I called you?"


You are surprised by the uncertainty in his voice, especially considering his apparent confidence and flat out modelesque body.  


"Sure!"  you reply a little too quickly and a little too enthusiastically "But I don't exactly have a business card on me." You laugh, shrugging your shoulders.


"That's ok"  he quicky replies "I have a great memory"  He shakes his trunks a bit, pulling their hold from his thighs.  You are thankful that he does so you can recall your phone number.  



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