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You watch Ethan disappear through the chrome jungle and take a deep breath, shaking your head at your good fortune.  You sit a moment longer, daydreaming about the studly fireman you just gave your phone number to.  You stand and make your way up the stairs.   As your body comes out of the water you are suddenly stricken by an overwhelming nausea and your head begins to spin.  You loose your balance as you reach for the towel on the chair.  You fall towards it and just barely catch yourself on the wall as your foot slips in the watery puddle on the floor sending you careening backwards.   Your head splits against the far edge of the hot tub where you had previously been stretching your arms out.  You splash into the water and sink in the hot bubbles.  You drift in and out of conciousness as you float there underwater, watching the bubbles turn a foamy pink color as they race by you.  It feels like days that you must be drifting there, lost in the warmth of the water, your vision fading into the fuzzy pink surrounding you.  Suddenly cold grips your body as you are ripped from the water.  Reality crashes down upon you as your rescuer places you on the firm hard tile floor.  A smile crosses your lips as you look up to see Ethan kneeling next to you.  His mouth is moving but you can't hear anything other than a dull murmur, similar to the sound of the bubbling hot tub.  You smile sweetly at him, your knight in shining armor, saving you from the depths. He puts his hand behind your head and elevates your chin.  You prepare for a sweet passionate kiss but he quickly pulls his hand away and you see that it is covered in deep crimson, dripping off his fingers almost as if in slow motion.  His mouth continues to move, more earnest now.  You see him shout over his shoulder.  You can faintly hear his voice far far in the distance but it seems to be growing further and further away.  You make out a scream over the murmur from some distant place.  Ethan leans over you, straightening up his kneeling position.  He begins to push violently on your chest.  The whole scene is surreal.  A crowd begins to form around you and you begin to feel incredibly self-concious, lying here on the ground.  You try to move but there is no sensation.  You can't even feel the violent repetitions being inflicted on your chest.  You hear a crack in your chest as one of the repetitions barrels down on your rib cage.  You try to say something....beg him to stop.....ask him to help you up...something.....but the words are stagnant in your voicebox.  The crowd around you grows faint as the warm pink fuzziness begins to envelope you again.  There is no need to close your eyes, the vision fades until there is nothing but that warm fuzzy feeling as you drift off into the afterlife. 

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