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You rattle off your number and he looks up wistfully, as if making a mental note.  He again reaches out and shakes your hand.  Telling you how nice it was to meet you with a glimmer in his eye.  He makes his way to the men's locker room and you head for the women's on the opposite side.   You get dressed, taking a few extra minutes to redo your ponytail and throw on a little lipstick in case you run into your hero outside.  You walk out, keeping a close eye out for Ethan, but he is no where to be found.  


     The cool air feels unbelievably good rushing over you as you breech the outside doors.  The clouds have moved in and are a thick blanket over the entire sky.  The exact location of the sun behind the grey shroud is impossible to discern.  You can feel a cool mist in the air.  It's going to rain.  You walk to your car, feeling the cramps starting to creep into your calves and thighs.  20 minutes probably would have been ok if you hadn't ramped up the resistance.  Stupid.... You head back to the apartment, thinking about your fireman and wishing you would have asked him to lunch or something.  Or at the very least gotten his phone number!  How stupid to risk such a great connection on a man's memory of a phone number.  You think about going back to the gym to look for him, but decide that is a little stalkerish...even for you.    You lounge around the apartment watching mind numbing tv and make it an early night.  You know you'll sleep good tonight, and with any luck, Mr.  Sandman will make sure you dream about a dangerous inferno. 

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