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As enjoyable as your fantasy is, you decide you better take advantage of your early start and try to redeem yourself for playing hookey. Maybe, with any luck you'll get to live that fantasy in real life.  You get ready for work and head off a little earlier than neccesaary.  You arrive to a very empty, very quiet office.  Apparently your apartment wasn't the only one that had a power outage last night.  You are shocked to see that Mr McAllister isn't even there yet.  You walk over the shiny tile floor, marveling at how your heels sound, echoing through the empty foyer.  You take the elevator up and make yourself comfortable in your cozy little cubicle. 


     The morning carries on as usual.  You giggle to yourself a little every time someone new walks in the door, looking disheveled and undone.  You are happy you didn't rush yourself and enjoyed your morning, although a little detour in the shower may have guaranteed that you'd be stress free today.  You work throughout the day, enjoying a mundane lunch at the local sub shop and head out the door when the clock strikes 5.  On your way out, Mr. McAllister tips a nonexistant hat to you, complimenting you on your early arrival this morning.  He doesn't even mention your absence on Friday.  You are even more glad you came in early this morning given that you never did call in on Friday and let them know you were going to be gone.   


     You arrive home after 5:30 and plop yourself down on the chair.   You check your machine for any messages, more than likely from your mother since you never give out your home phone number.  You don't even know why you keep it on, really.   


The machine begins its long drawn out introduction" have.......2 messages.........message 1...........sunday.........3:35pm.........BEEP" 





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