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"Hey bitch!"  It's Jen "thanks for ditching me the other night.  I ended up getting separated from those two guys and met up with some work friends.  We got so fucking trashed!  You missed out you prissy cunt.  I know your going to get this message because you always check to see if Mommy called so call me back bitch, and maybe we can get together next weekend.  Love you!! Call me!!"


You smile to yourself.  We all have that one friend.  


"Message 2...........Monday............1:38pm............."


"I hope this is the right number.  This is Ethan.  We met at the gym yesterday.  Im sure you're at work.  As you can imagine, my schedule is far from predictable.  I'm pretty much pulling doubles for the first part of the week but I have a long weekend starting on Thursday so I was hoping you'd want to get together.  Give me a call.  589-6747 is my cell.  Talk to you soon."


Good grief, you musta been out of it if you gave him your home number and not your cell.  You grab your phone and add him to your contact list, replaying the message to make sure you got the number right.  You replay your conversation with him in your head.  Was there really a connection or was the hot water just messing with your head.  Your acknowledgement from the boss man today is making you think more about taking a little more responsibility at work.  Maybe you could earn yourself a promotion, or at the very least, a raise. 

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