You spend the night shivering in the car.  The damp comforter does little to quell the shaking of your limbs.  Before dawn you are jolted awake by a rapping on the roof of the car.  


"Come on sleeping beauty."  A rough looking fellow with tattoos around his neck yanks you out of the car and deposits you on the sidewalk.  You watch as what is left of your car is pulled onto the tiltbed truck.  Sparks shoot out from beneath the tireless vehicle as it slowly creeps up the incline and off the pavement.  The tow truck driver walks back and checks the car, throwing a pitiful glance your way.  


"Shame" is all he says and tosses a couple dollars your way.  He climbs into the tow truck and pulls away down the road, leaving you sitting on the curb, shivering and clutching your filthy comforter.   Overhead, one of the black demons lets out a shrill caw.  You look up at him, squinting into the growing light in the sky.  He looks down at you from his perch high atop the sidewalk with his shiny black eyes, calling down to you in a pitying tone.  


     You wander over to what's left of the pile of your belongings and pull a couple of warmer items out from beneath the soggy mountain.  You pull them on and walk over to the corner between the steps and the buiding and slump down against the cold brick wall. You turn your gaze downward and stare at the crumpled dollar bills clutched in your fist.  You sift through the pockets of the clothes on the curb and manage to retrieve several bills from a pair of dirty jeans and a work blazer.  You collect your small fortune and make your way to the liquor store about a block away.  You buy the biggest highest proof bottle you can and slunk back to your little corner of hell.