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The sky is beginning to fade from a faded blue and orange to a deep purple.  The sharp edges of the clouds begin to lose their firey linings and start to fade into the evening sky.   Off in the distance you see the first star peeking out from behind a shadowy cloud.  You close your eyes and make a wish, just like you always do, although today the hope is a bit more practical.  You look out over the park.  The trees are casting a dark silhouette against the sky, making the sky appear lighter than it is.  The leaves are blowing slightly.  In the silence of the darkening park you can hear them rustling in the breeze.  In the distance, the bench you sat on earlier today catches your attention.  I suppose it's possible, you think to yourself.  If I had them with me I could have dropped them when I sat down.  You can recall more than once that you had done just that.  You walk out onto the cool grass and make your way to the bench.  It's getting dark quickly now that the sun has dipped below the horizon.  Nearly all the street lights are blotted out as you push further into the cover of the tall trees.  You reach the bench and stare hopefully at the dirt and grass beneath and around it but nothing out of place draws your attention.  They aren't here.  You sigh deeply, starting to give up hope.  You still have to check the fast food joint, even though you vividly remember getting them back from there.  You knew it was a long shot, but you were hopeful.   You turn to head back to your car and catch some movement out of the corner of your eye.  Its a man, you can tell by the gait.  He is headed right for you, striding across the grass effortlessly and with obvious purpose.  



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