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      You step out of the car and begin to walk across the park with the man in the trench coat.  He walks just ahead of you, leading the way.  

"My name is Xander, by the way"  He looks over his shoulder and flashes you that same smile.  


You feel your cheeks flush a bit and are thankful he is looking the other way.  


"I''m....."  You begin to introduce yourself but he cuts you off quickly.


"I know.  I have your ID remember"  he lets out a laugh that seems a bit to jovial for the situation.  


"There is a great little pizza joint over here, you should try it sometime."  Its right around the corner if you come here often." he adds, seemingly as an afterthought.  


You find his demeanor a bit odd but you take a deep breath and allow your uneasiness to fade away.  He continues to stride ahead of you, heading towards a bank of hedges that extend nearly the entire length of the park's edge.  

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