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You awake with a jolt.  You are sitting upright on a cold concrete floor.  You are immediately aware of the fact that you are naked,  You instinctually pull your arms around you in modesty but are stopped short by the restraints on your wrists.  The chains clank against their anchors in the cement block wall.  You stare hard into the blackness, straining to make out anything in the black abyss.  Terror sweeps through your body, your heart beats ferociously against your chest and your breath quickens, nearly causing you to hyper-ventilate.  You scream at the top of your lungs!  Screaming out for someone to help you!  You pull violently on the metal chains, feeling the bite of the shackles with each ferverous yank.  You feel the warm tickle of blood trailing down your hand and dripping down your forearms, ending in a dark shimmering pool of crimson below your elbows.  You begin to cry hysterically, desperate for someone to hear your pleas, but no one comes.  You stop struggling and screaming and strain your ears to hear something.....anything....... Only silence consumes you.  Slowly, your eyes begin to adjust to the inky blackness.  You can see an old water heater tank several feet away from you and a wooden chair, like one from a dining room, pushed against the wall next to it.  Near the water heater you can make out an old rusty hammer hanging precariously on a nail on the wall.  The walls are unfinished, revealing the studs and electrical wiring. Above you, a single bulb dangles from the ceiling on its wire with a string hanging below it.  The floor dives slightly into a drain in the center.  The outer rim of the metal grate is caked in indistringuishable grime.  A browning liquid sits stagnantly in a pool surrounding the grate.  Suddenly to your right a loud noise startles you from your observation.  You instinctively hug yourself, cowering into an upright fetal position like an abused child anticipating the next blow.  

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