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The door swings open and you see a black silhouette standing in the doorway.  His lack of response tells you immediately that this is no rescuer.  He stands there for several minutes.  You cower against the wall, praying that he will just close the door and go away.  He continues to just stand there. .  As if reading your mind, he grabs the door knob and pulls it closed behind him leaving you to your cold lonely repose.  You remain silent and motionless, listening to his heavy footsteps retreating down the hall.  The light framing the door through the gap extinguishes and you hear the heavy slam of another door in the distance.  You are once again alone with the rapid beating of your heart and the gentle hum of the space heater.  


     Again time passes and you are eventually rousted by the sound of the door again.  You push closer to the wall, still cowering in the same spot as before.  The door again swings open and the dark shadow stand ominously in the opening.  This time he bends and places a tray on the ground, sliding it across the dirty floor to you.  He stands a moment more watching you, then turns and closes the door behind him again.  You again listen to the heavy footsteps trailing off, the light extinguishing and the heavy thud of the door closing in the distance.  The heater again kicks on,  clammering to regain the temperature of the room after the whoosh of cold air from the outside.  The orangy glow illuminates the room again and with it, the small plastic tray about a foot in front of you.  Its a yellow plastic tray with compartments, like the ones you used in grade school.  On it is lumped what appears to be some oatmeal but you can't be sure.  You manuever yourself out of your hole and inch closer to the tray.  You discover through trial and error that you hands are bound by a single chain that is running through a loop, anchored to the wall behind your head, making it impossible to move both hands outward at once.  You scoop up the oatmeal with your fingers and stuff it into your mouth.  You don't know how long it's been since you've eaten but your weakness tells you that it's been longer than it should.  



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