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You begin to ponder different possible scenarios.  What if you endear yourself to him day after day....convincing him that the two of you are meant to be together.....he finally lets his guard down and you are given an opportuntiy to escape one day when he removes your shackles.  You quickly dismiss it, being that he has done nothing to indicate that he has any attraction or interest in you  other than watching you suffer.   In another, you imagine getting hold of the hammer that is hanging on the wall   You revel in the fantasy of crushing his skull with the blunt side of the hammer.  You can almost feel the warm spray of the blood and brains as the impact splits him open like a ripe melon.  You imagine somehow freeing your hands from their chains and attacking him as he leaves the room.  You see yourself  jumping on his back like some maddened panther and wrapping the chain around his neck, choking the life from him. You smile as you clench your fists, imagining what it would feel like to tighten your grip and feel him choking and sputtering for air as he drops to his knees, unable to shake you from his back.    Regardless of the vehicle, they all end with the same satisfying feeling of standing victorious over his lifeless body.  You flee from the room and up the stairs into the light of day!  Outside a crowd of firemen and policewait for you.  A blanket is thrown over your shoulders and you rush past the yellow caution tape into the arms of your waiting loved ones.  


    Your fantasies are cut short as a large cockroach scampers across your foot.  Your victorious celebration quickly changes to an overwhelming sense of despair as you imagine how he plans to dispatch YOU.  There is a part of you that hopes that he will finalize his plans and put an end to this excruciating existance.  You imagine how the blood will feel spilling from your jugular as he drags a blade across your neck.   Perhaps he will take you somewhere else, leading you into a wooded area with a gun pointed at your back.  You see a shallow grave ahead of you and know what his plans are.  


Your mind wanders haphazardly, imagining the multitude of ends to the story.  Your fantasies are again ripped from your mind as you hear the heavy steps making their way down the hall.  The gap around the door illuminates once again and the steps grow closer.  

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